caption ... .jpg 1.93 MB
A young boy undergoing an endoscopic procedure. ... .jpg 2.62 MB
Close up of face of a new born baby soon after birth. ... .jpg 4.91 MB
A mother craddles her newborn daughter against her chest ... .jpg 3.37 MB
Posterior view of Eumycetoma of the left ankle. Mycetoma is an uncommon disease found in the tropic ... .jpg 4.18 MB
Blood seeping from the sinuses of a 27 year old male's leg with eumycetoma under the right knee. My ... .jpg 3.05 MB
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... .jpg 1.74 MB
A pathologist looks through his microscope at cytology samples. ... .jpg 2.89 MB
Day by day pill dispenser ensures that patients take their medication in the right dosage at the rig ... .jpg 2.80 MB
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Close-up of the face of a surgeon wearing a surgical visor, hygiene mask, hygiene hat. ... .jpg 2.02 MB
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Scrubbing up is a strict discipline for nurses, doctors and all other medical staff at the Japanese ... .jpg 2.37 MB
A close-up of a surgeon who is at work. ... .jpg 1.89 MB
Three Mycetoma cultivation samples. Cultures are taken and examined to determine if the bacteria o ... .jpg 3.19 MB
Close up of a nurse fitting a respiratory mask to help a patient breath and send to the blood. ... .jpg 2.92 MB
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A patient having his breathing checked by a doctor using a stethoscope. ... .jpg 2.80 MB
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Close up of a stethoscope on a chest. A stethoscope is an acoustic medical device used for ausculati ... .jpg 3.38 MB